Stylish and Bold, Dog Friendly Area, Sign - Ideal for pubs, hotels, cafes, parks, holiday complex, Interior and Exterior, with drill holes

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DOG FRIENDLY AREA SIGN - Dogs welcome in this area, sign, notice This stylish, modern sign lets your people know they can bring their dog into this area. Ideal for pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes. Can be easily wall mounted either indoor or outdoors. STYLISH - Contemporary BOLD design TEXT - 'Dog Friendly Area. Well-behaved dogs are welcome'. OUTDOOR SIGNAGE - Ideal for parks, outdoor areas, holiday complex, pubs, hotels, cafes, restaurants BOLD - Clear and visible sign for your customers to read COLOUR - Black engraves white SIZE - 14.5cm wide x 14.5cm high DRILL HOLES - The sign comes with 4 drill holes 3mm wide in each corner. Fix to a wall, door, fence, or gate. ACRYLIC MATERIAL - Made from 3mm Acrylic Plastic USE - Interior and Exterior use